The Knot

Your way to grow your personal/group potential!

About us

Welcome to The Knot

We’re a pan-European network organisation that offers trainings to

  • organisations and institutions related to the youth field,
  • adult education (formal and informal),
  • teachers,
  • social workers in the broadest sense,
  • staff of ngo’s,
  • civil society organizations,
  • as well as profit aimed businesses that want to profit from the methods and techniques that are developed in the non-formal education sector.

Through our approach we’re working on:

  • Support of organisations for in depth trainings on specialised issues
  • Empowering people inside organisations is one approach but
  • Strengthening organisations in society is the other; we do both
  • Stimulating the creation of networks to form a knot
  • Research on training needs, individual and organizational development
  • Accumulation and dissemination of information about possible programmes, institutions, etc.
  • Specific attention and trainings for the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), SEE and Euro-Med countries to become a truly pan European organisation

We hope that you enjoy your time here, and we’re looking forward to meet you!