Steps and time schedule of the LTTC

Phase 1 :

  • Step 1.1: implementation of the 1st “OWL” training course in Georgia with a focus on what is outdoor education and experiential learning and going through and outdoor educational and experiential learning program itself as participant. (August 31st September 8th 2016)
  • Step 1.2: 2 monthly coaching of participants by trainer team + coaching on project development teams (by email and/or skype).
  • Step 1.3 : implementation of a local/regional activity using outdoor education and experiential learning principles. This can be a small training for your colleagues, a workshop, an activity with youngsters, …. . Your sending organization will help you out with this and it will happen in close cooperation with them. The outcomes of this local/regional activity will be documented by yourself and the sending organization.

Phase 2 :

  • Step 2.1 : implementation of the 2nd training course in Belgium with a focus on outdoor education as personal development of individuals and groups. (12-20 July 2017)
  • Steps 2.2 – 2.3 :
  • monthly coaching of participants by trainer team + coaching of project development teams with a focus on the implementation of the projects developed in participant groups.
  • implementation of an international project designed by the group (till spring 2017) and making use of the Erasmus+/Youth in Action Program. The team members you will be formed at the training course.

Phase 3 :

  • Step 3.1 implementation of the 3rd training with a focus on personal and group learning, follow-up, establishing a trainers network among the organizations. (winter 2017 – start 2018).


Last modified: 29 November 2016

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