The trainers team


Raffaella Palmiero

Founder of ESPLORA and Trainer

Raffaella is a psychologist and funder of Esplora. Since 2008 she works as a freelance trainer specialized in intercultural education.

She has organized and managed international projects involving partners from Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. She lived in UK, India and Guatemala working with street living kids.

She dedicated her professional life to youth education desiging projects and trainings for youth workers, educators, teachers and social workers maily focused on team and conflict management, emotional fitness , outdoor education and social circus techniques.


Ucha Burduli

Free-Lance Trainer – Project coordinator at DRONI

Ucha is 27 old free-lance trainer coming from Georgia. His background is business and marketing. He had been involved in non-formal educational activities since 2010, specializes in using outdoor education and experiential learning as a tool in youth work.

He had been working on various trainings on the topic of soft-skill development, group dynamics, team performance and project management. Ucha loves nature and challenges, especially the ones in the nature.. J He is looking forward to start a long journey full of learning, adventurous stories and powerful outcomes through LTTC training Course.


Ronald Keersmaekers

Free-Lance Trainer – Project coordinator and founder of THE KNOT

Ronald is the old dragon in this team.  43 years old free-lance trainer coming from Belgium.  He started up The Knot ngo in 2003 together with some international friends.

Ronald is a social cultural worker specialized in everything what has to do with group dynamics.

Ronald has been working over the last years on the topics: project management, conflict management, teambuilding and group dynamics, outdoor education and experiential learning.  Ronald likes nature and loves to move groups and individuals to their limits and enlarge their comfort zone so that people can grow and discover new things in themselves.


+ Streering group members


Maarten Vankeerberghen

Maarten is a 38 years old men with the drive of 18 years old boy.  Besides raising his four children, loving his wife, he is a free-lance trainer for the knot.  He is an expert in the practical side of outdoor education.  Chasing the limits with a big wink to the romatic side of being in nature.

Next to his job as trainer he works as foreman in the Komatsu European headquarter.

And don’t forget: If it is possible than it is posssible.  And if it is not possible please try.


Lorenzo Tassoni

Lorenzo is 31 old, is project coordinator and one of the founder of Esplora. His background is sociology. He Worked in different project of territorial requalification, and implemented it with Esplora.

He had been involved in non-formal educational activities since 2011. He had been working on various trainings as facilitator and support staff, and also as youth worker.

Nowadays he work in accessible tourism, he is the responsible of ViaggiDiffusi, and coordinator for Esplora.

Lorenzo loves nature, travel and work with the people.


Giorgi Danelia

Giorgi is 26 years old, working in Youth Association DRONI as a project coordinator mostly in the field of outdoor education. He has several years of experience in non-formal education trainings and events.

Giorgi is an outdoor enthusiast, experienced in guiding groups in the nature. He enjoys to cook outdoors and he has many outdoor technical skills.


Nika Bakhsoliani

Doctor at the morning youth worker and trainer at night.   A person going through a double-trouble on how to connect medicine with human rights education and what to do in his life.

Some may say a radical activist, he may say ­ a sane person to achieve colorful, open, equal, queer­friendly cat­society.