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“O.W.L. – On the way to learn” 

Long Term Training course on outdoor education and experiential learning methods for inclusion and personal development in youth work

STEP 2.1 – Belgium, 12th – 20th July 2017

Aims and Objectives of “On the way to learn” – Belgium

Improving quality of inclusive youth work by rising trainers’ competences and youth workers to use and know the limitations of outdoor education and experiential learning methods, as renewed ways to reach a more diverse group of youth.
The objectives below make this aim more specific:
  • Giving the target group tools to deal with quality experiential learning in outdoor education.
  • Exchanging and sharing experiences, concepts and methods of outdoor education and experiential learning.
  • Exploring ways to incorporate diversity management into the work and trainings the participants do.
  • Developing cross-cultural awareness by providing structured space for sharing, experiencing and addressing intercultural learning.
  • Increasing knowledge of the theoretical and pedagogical background of outdoor education and experiential learning methods.
  • Developing teamwork, leadership and cooperation skills of the participants.
  • Setting basis for positive future cooperation within the Erasmus+/Youth in Action program.



The indoor part of the Project took place in the youth training centre “Hanenbos” in Dworp near the city of Halle (aprox. 5 km from Brussels).   http://www.vlaamsbrabant.be/en/visit-us/hanenbos/index.jsp 
You can find some introduction movies about Belgium below:

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Last modified: 16 June 2017

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