If you are an ngo, a youth organisation or a profi compagny, and you would like to do somethng more than just a day of fun with your collegueas … than an organised teambuilding activity can be an awsome added value of spedning your time!

Our teambuilding projects are going from 0.5 day till several days. Together with you we discuss which aspects of teamwork will be tackled.Teambuilding-2

  • Working together in a group;
  • Communication skills;
  • Working under stress situations;
  • Dealing with conflicts;
  • listsning to eachother opinion;
  • Working in an international team;
  • ….


The setup of a teambuilding program is depending in the setting where the workshop takes place. This can be indoor (inside a nice seminar room, or other place) or outdoor (nearby parc, garden, forest in the neighbourhood, …).

The starting point of each teambuilding projects is “Experiential Learning”. Do-Observe-Reflect!

Exercises used are customised according to the group level. People with short commings in you groups can participate without difficulties. Everybody can participate!

Contact us to discuss possibilities!

Last modified: 13 December 2016

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